•Please do not put lotion on before class.  You will slide off the pole!

•Please leave jewelry at home, you will be asked to take off rings and bracelets in class

•Street parking is available. 

•Yes, we have a bathroom!

•You must be 18+ to attend classes

Cell phones are not permitted during class.

If you need to text someone, answer a call, check your Instagram, please excuse yourself and do so. You will be told to put your phone away or leave if we see you using it during class.

What class should I take if I've never taken a pole class before?

You must take ‘Intro to Pole’ if you have no pole experience.

Please do not sign up for Beginner 1 or 2, it is not the same, you will be asked to leave the class.

What room is my class in?

If the schedule says "The Loft" your class is upstairs.

If the schedule says "The Lair" your class is downstairs.

What should I wear to class?

For pole classes, shorts and sleeveless tops are recommended.  

You need skin to stick to the pole. 

For conditioning and flexibility classes, comfortable athletic 

attire is recommended. 

I have no upper body strength, will i be ok?

No upper body strength? No problem!  You have to start somewhere, and we would love to help you build it up!

Are men allowed in class?

Of course! We encourage all genders and body types to join!